As avid float enthusiasts, we’ve floated in many different types of float tanks, float pods, and float rooms across the United States.  When deciding what equipment to use for Orlando Float & Massage, we simply wanted to select the most comfortable and user friendly choice for our guests which in our opinion is the Ocean Float Room™.  


And we’re not the only ones. The Ocean Float Room™ is the preferred choice among leading float centers around the world. Over 100 float centers in 24 countries (including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and Switzerland) have chosen the Ocean Float Room™.  We are proud to be the first float center in Central Florida to offer the Ocean Float Room™ to our guests.

C/O Float Rooms USA

The Space

One of the fundamental differences you will immediately notice when comparing the Ocean Float Room™ to a float pod or float tank is the height – you can actually stand up inside (assuming you’re not an NBA basketball player over 7 ft tall)! Our spacious float rooms are great for our guests who are claustrophobic or uncomfortable in tight spaces as they are able to enjoy the benefits of floating without that “closed-in” or “coffin-like” feeling.

C/O Float Rooms USA

Safer, Easier Access

The Ocean Float Room™ is also a lot easier to get in and out of. A large, side opening door offers a far more inviting entrance & ease of use compared to the hatch type lids common to float pods and float tanks. It also gives easier access for the able and the less able. Conveniently positioned internal grab handles offer greater safety, comfort and sense of security.

C/O Float Rooms USA

The Options

For guests afraid of floating in the dark, the Ocean Float Room™ offers a ‘Starlight Ceiling’ featuring over 100 waterproof color changing LED mood lights in a ‘Night Sky’ layout in addition to twin underwater LED lights in a rich, vibrant blue. Both lighting elements are fully controlled by the guest and gently fade in and out at the touch of a switch inside the float room.

Guests that don’t want to float in total silence can experience optional music in crystal clear surround sound using six (6) transducer speakers positioned above and below the floating guest. Transducers provide a far superior quality of music and voice compared to "under water" speakers as they are designed to combine with the natural acoustic capabilities of the float room shell turning the interior float environment into a "sea of sound".

Relax, It's Clean

As bonafide germaphobes obsessed with cleanliness, we would not allow our guests to float in any float room that we were not 100% completely comfortable floating in ourselves. The Ocean Float Room™ features a state-of-the-art magnetic drive filtration system that automatically filters, cleans and disinfects the water between float sessions. Together with a powerful UV light treatment system, our guests can rest assured that their float room water is sparkling clean and 100% sterile.

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